The F/All-Road

Our purpose-built All-Road bike for mixed surface riding and bikepacking


"Første sykkelen i verden med et helintegrert oppsett for bikepacking. Null stropper, lynrask sykkel, lav pris"

"The ultra-sleek frame and bag integration is a clever concept that we’ve yet to see executed quite like this elsewhere"

"The most extraordinary feature: the holder for the Bikepacking Bags Integrated into the frame, which was developed together with Roswheel and Fidlock"

"With bags that fit F/AR’s frame geometry perfectly, this is a cleverly designed complete system for bike packing"

“One of the most exciting bikepacking / fast touring bikes coming to market in 2021”

"You can make a ($1,050) deposit now for one of the coolest bikes on earth that can just so happen to roam most of it"

"Well-suited for everything from long weekend rides to long-distance racing where endurance is key"

The city of Oslo is our home. No other city provides the close proximity of both quiet country tarmac roads and remote wilderness gravel tracks. This cycling ecosystem has inspired a new style of riding that led us to the design of the F/All-Road. Our specially developed All-Road bike is as quick and responsive on tarmac as it is smooth and comfortable over uneven gravel roads.

The adventure begins where the asphalt ends.
Estimated weight
8.67 kg
Starting from
4 499,-

The Oslo Project

It all began in 2018. We wanted a ride that was quick and responsive on the tarmac, yet still able to tackle gravel roads when called upon. It had to be as fun during the Sunday morning group-rides with our friends as over the hundreds of kms of dirt roads that surround our city. it was an obvious segment that the bike industry just didn't seem to care about. 


With the F/All-Road we've hit a home-run and we're not the only ones who love it - just ask every journalist who's tested it! It combines feature-packed useability with a subtle elegance in design. Even when packing gear, the bike still performs without fault and inspires confidence on all surfaces and in all conditions. 


Beyond the amazing ride quality, we've introduced a small revolution in the world of bikepacking with the fully integrated bikepacking system that easily clicks on and off, yet doesn't leave a trace on the bike when fully removed. 

Delivering now

Order with our recommended setup, or choose upgrades from a curated selection of components.

Assembled by experts

Every bike from Fara is assembled by our expert staff to exact standards.

Long lasting warranty

All frames from Fara Cycling come with a 5-year warranty for your piece of mind.

Total Integration for Bikepacking

A good bikepacking setup should be looked at as a complete system. From the bike to the bags and the gear you carry. We’ve put endless miles on the road and spent countless nights in tents, and know just how important this is. Drawing on our vast experience, every function on our criteria list was carefully considered, evaluated, then integrated into the design.


The result is a bag system that will attach and detach easily in seconds and fits perfectly to the F/All-Road's frame geometry.

Integrated Cable Routing

The Token Products innovative S-Box Headset System allows all cabling to enter the frame via the headset, resulting in a clean cockpit area which not only looks great, but makes bag mounting a breeze. This solution allows free rotation of the bars and allows you to use a wide selection of standard cockpit set-ups.


We also wanted to do away with cable-stops and cable-guides to clean up the design and stop mud and grime from getting into your frame. To solve this we chose full length outer housing from shifter to derailleur (for mechanical shifting). This also eliminates the chance of your cables being exposed to the elements.

Curved Seat Stays

One of the key features that gives the F/All-Road its silky ride quality is the dropped, curved, seat-stays. They provide increased vertical compliance which, together with generous tire widths, result in a supple ride without sacrificing lateral stiffness. This makes the F/All-Road more comfortable than a traditional racing bike and makes any adventure possible.

Ultimate Versitility

The F/All-Road boasts no fewer than 4 bottle cage mounts on the frame, as well as triple mounts on the fork legs for added capacity. In addition, integrated fender mounts front and rear which can double as rack light mounts.


The 27.2 mm round seatpost increases comfort and also makes sure that a wide variety of seat post options will work. The external seat-post clamp design is simple and effective, eliminating slippage and is easy to replace or fix if needed. The BB386 press-fit bottom bracket standard means all types of crank standards are compatible. The F/All-Road will work with 1x, 2x, mechanical and electronic shifting with no cable-stops or unnecessary holes in the frame.

Stealth Mud Guard Mounts

The F/All-Road boasts full mud-guard compatibilty front and rear. But we know how much of a pain-in-the-you-know-where to find and fit generic mud guards to any bike - so we made our own!

The Fara Cycling reflective fenders are made specifically for our bikes and fit easily in minutes. At night you'll be seen with the highly reflective coating. 

Wide tire clearance

The F/All-Road is designed to work ideally with 32-35mm, 700c tires for a fast rolling, comfortable all-surface setup. For more grip and protection, you can also mount 35mm low-knob treads like the Panaracer GravelKing Semi-Slick or even a wider 38mm slick tire. We’ve even designed our own fenders with room for 35mm slicks or even 33mm studded tires like the Suomi Routa.

Save your ride while saving the planet

Utilising the bottle mounts under the down-tube, you can protect your steed with this handy accessory. It protects your carbon fiber frame from rocks and dirt that can fly up from the front wheel. 

And its even made from 75% recycled plastic, so you're doing Mother Earth a solid. 

Features and design highlights

  • • Carbon fiber frame and fork construction
  • • Frame weight 980 grams.
  • • Fork weight 390 grams.
  • • Integrated Baggage System.
  • • Integrated Fender mounts front and rear.
  • • Fender Mounts light rack option.
  • • Three bottle mounts.
  • • Bento mount on top tube.
  • • Cargo cage attachment on fork.
  • • Front/rear flat mount disc brakes 140mm (160mm w/adapter).
  • • Fully internal brake cables front and rear.
  • • Fully internal derailleur housing front and rear.
  • • 1.5” Token S-Box integrated headset w/internal wiring.
  • • 27,2 mm round seatpost, universal clamp
  • • 100mm and 142mm TA 12mm axles.
  • • BB386 bottom bracket standard.


Handlebar bag volume: 12 Litres
Seat pack volume: 15 Litres
Frame bag volume: S: 2,3L, M: 2,6L, L: 3,2L, XL: 3,6L
Total capacity: 30 Litres

Ride Ready or make it your own?

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However, we know most of you just want to get out on the road. That's why we've put together 3 of our most popular configurations in our Ride Ready section. Pick your colour, pick your size and just wait for your dream bike to be delivered to your door!

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