Shimano revolutionizes their top-end offerings with 12sp, wireless electronic shifting ULTEGRA and DURA-ACE groupsets!
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"Faster shifting, improved ergonomics, better braking: there’s a lot more to the new groupsets than a 12th cog." Peloton Magazine

Shimano launched september 1st 2021 two new versions of their iconic Di2 series: DURA-ACE R9200 and ULTEGRA R8100, both available on the next build of your F/AR and F/ROAD. Read more below the about new features in Shimano's latest product launch.


Upgrades from Shimano do not come often, so this is big news for the cycling community!

With the new update of the Ultegra R8200, Shimano is rising the high performance of the exsistant Ultegra with a hand full of improvements:

- Semi Wireless connection
- 12 speed cassette
- Smartphone application 
- Single, Wide Range derailleur
-10% wider disc brake clearance
- New compact design


Shimano wasn’t going to go wireless unless it yielded faster shifting, and the new Shimano-developed wireless Di2 processing technology allows for exactly that, much faster in fact. By the brand’s own measurement, the new Dura-Ace R9200 wireless system offers 58-percent faster rear shifting and 45-percent faster front shifting than the last generation Dura-Ace R9100 Di2, a fully wired group says Peloton magazine.


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NEW DURA-ACE R9200 - The Science of Speed

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The DURA-ACE version of the next generation components offers the same new features as ULTEGRA such as bigger disc brake clearance, a wireless system between the shifters and the levers, all in a compact design and at a feathery weight.

The pinnacle of road bike component technology,The DURA-ACE groupset is the result of Shimano’s ongoing passion for deveopment. DURA-ACE is used by the majority of pro-teams and has countless World Tour vicotries in its palmeres.

This tireless testing is reflected in every single component in the groupset. All components are joined together to work as one system, reinforcing each other for unparalleled performance. 


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What our mechanics are thinking:

Nobody knows our bike better than our Production Manager, Martin.

"I think the release of the new Dura Ace and Ultegra is a big step in the right direction. The new groupset is a lot sleeker and more minimalistic. The front and rear derailleur are where the big changes are: gone are the clunky and chunky pieces which make the bike look more streamlined, and the installation has also been made much easier with less cables.

Having just the single, wide range derailleur design that will reach over all cassettes up to 34t makes it easier to adapt your bike to whatever riding style you prefer. If you ever want easier gears for your mixed-terrain adventures or closer range for racing, the new Di2 covers all angles.

The small changes to the brake calipers are also a welcome upgrade, featuring a sleeker design. Another nice detail is the change to the bleeding port, which will make service a lot easier.

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Derailleur of the new ULTEGRA R8200 12SP DI2

Fara Cycling's Choice: 

At Fara Cycling we are proud to offer the best innovation and design options for your next dream bike. Thanks to our innovative sales model, we can also bring this to you before anyone else. 12sp Di2 components are already in stock and complete builds are shipping within weeks.

DURA-ACE has long been the choice of pros and any high-end build in the industry. We are proud to offer our customers the first glimpse of these technological wonders. When designing and deveoping DURA-ACE, no expense is spared, every material and component is poured over to maximize performance, longevity and weight. If you want the best for your dream bike, there is no other choice!

Ultegra is probably the hands-down, most popular, choice for groupsets on high-end bikes around the world and the new innovations will not make it any less so. it offers many trickle-down technologies from its bigger brother, DURA-ACE yet is constructied with more economical materials.

NEW ULTEGRA R8200 12SP DI2 on the F/AR