Designed and manufactured in collaboration with Factor Bikes, the new 2020 F|DISC possesses razor-sharp precision and the phenomenal control of hydraulic disc brakes that will turn hair-raising switchback descents into your playground.
Estimated weight
7.50 kg
Starting from
4 723,-


Engineered by Factor

The F|DISC is designed, deveoped and manufactured by Factor Bicycles, one of the world's leading high-performance bicycle producers.

Hidden Seatpost Binder Bolt

The new F|DISC frame sports a completely hidden seatpost binder bolt for improved aerodynamics and aesthetics.

Improved 30mm Tire Clearance

The new F|DISC steps up to 30mm tire clearance to allow for modern tubeless tires.

New Lightweight Fork

The F|DISC full carbon fork has been shaved down to save weight, yet retains the stiffness giving high-precision steering.

Ultra Light 12mm Through Axles

Weighing in at only 73 grams, these 12mm axles are not only lightweight but offer incredible stiffness. The Switch Lever handle can be removed and stowed, used both front and rear and even has a 4mm hex for quick repairs on the road!

BBRight Bottom Bracket Standard

The BBRight standard offers optimal frame stiffness and the ability to use a variety of axle standards.