The city of Oslo is our home. No other Global Capital city provides the close proximity of both quiet country tarmac roads and remote wilderness gravel tracks.

This cycling ecosystem has inspired a new style of riding which led us to launch the F|AR. A bike that is as quick and responsive on the tarmac as it is smooth and comfortable over the gravel roads of the Nordmarka Forest. The F|AR is ideally suited for long bike-packing rides on mixed surfaces.

The adventure begins where the asphalt ends.
Estimated weight
7.84 kg
Starting from
3 148,-


Tire Clearance

Wide tire clearance allowing you to run tires up to 35mm makes the F|AR capable on all types of road surfaces.

Round 27.2mm Seatpost

The F|AR uses a standard, round 27.2mm seatpost making it possible for you to use various seatposts types from different brands.

Wide Stance Fork

The F|AR is designed with a wide stance fork for increased stability and also uses a 12mm through-axle giving the stiffness required for precise steering.

The Oslo Project

As an homage to our home city of Oslo and the style of all-surface riding that has emerged here, we produced only 14 framesets of this Limited Edition version of our new F|AR.

Light Weight, All-Road Geometry

The F|AR is like a road bike on PEDs. Frame weights are comparible to competitor's road frames yet this frame offers the tire clearance and geometry to allow you to tackle any road surface with ease and comfort.