What is the F/All-Road?

The F/All-Road is our tribute to the roads and gravel tracks of our native Oslo, a cycling paradise where silky smooth tarmac gives way to hundreds of kilometres of off-road exploration at the turn of the bars. When we designed the F/All-Road we wanted to create something that would let you hold your own on fast club rides on the road but also allow you to switch it up and take the fun gravel route home.
The bike is built around a lightweight carbon frame that features an agile yet comfortable geometry. This means it can be ridden hard and fast but is not so aggressive that you’ll encounter discomfort over long distances.

What should the F/All-Road be used for?

Great on and off the road
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The F/All-Road can be used for a huge variety of riding, your do-it-all bike. It is fast and responsive enough to be used exclusively on the road, but features 38mm tyre clearance so can handle plenty of off-road riding too with a simple switch of wheels.

When it comes to using the bike off-road it’s better suited to hard-packed gravel than your local mountain bike trails. If you want to tackle those you’re better off choosing our rugged adventure bike, the F/Gravel. That being said, the bike has been raced at the British National Gravel Championships (on admittedly, not too extreme a course) and the rider found the bike perfectly capable of dealing with the terrain at hand.

The F/All-Road’s comfortable geometry and integrated bikepacking system make it the perfect choice for long distance riding and racing. It’s been thoroughly tested at one of the world’s hardest bikepacking challenges, the 3000+ kilometre Transcontinental race, with Fara ambassador Sherry Cardona winning the pairs category atop her F/All-Road.

Great on and off the road
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Who should be riding the F/All-Road?

The F/All-Road is the bike the majority of people should be riding. It’s a fast, comfortable road bike and a capable gravel bike all in one.

It’s the right option for you if you plan on doing road riding over any distance, gravel riding that isn’t too technical, bikepacking, touring or want to do a bit of everything but aren’t able to have multiple bikes.

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What do the experts say about the F/All-Road?

We’ve sent the F/All-Road to a wide range of publications around the world. They’ve all agreed that it's something special. You can find a selection of their thoughts below.

Loved by the critics

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