Which bike is right for me?

The bikes of adventure cycling blur the lines between the typical bike categories. But, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to pick the right model for you.

This page should help you make your decision, with each model listed below paired with a brief explainer of what riding they are best designed for. Click on the model for a more indepth look at what we recommend you should use the bike for, who should be riding it and what expert reviewers have said about it.

F/All-Road: Go anywhere, ride everywhere

The F/All-Road is a do-it-all, lightweight carbon bike made to go fast over long distances, both on road and off. Agile yet comfortable geometry, innovative integrated on-bike luggage options and a full range of fender and rack mounting points. It’s the bike we think most people should be riding, ideal for year-round road riding, light gravel, bikepacking, touring and ultra racing - and proven across all the above.

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F/Gravel: Trail-ready adventure bike

The F/Gravel is a trail-ready adventure gravel bike, designed to take you to incredible places over the roughest terrain. Its rugged yet lightweight carbon frame can handle everything you choose to throw at it with go-anywhere tyre clearance of up to 50mm, fender and rack mounting points and integrated stash hatch. Perfect for the off-road specialist that wants to tackle local trails no matter the conditions or ride a multi-day off road bikepacking adventure.

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F/Road: Performance to go the distance

The F/Road is a lightweight performance road bike designed to go far, fast. It has an aero-optimised carbon frame with ride-tuned vertical compliance, generous tyre clearance and fully integrated internal cable routing. Designed for the road cycling purist that only wants to ride on tarmac, the F/Road is the ideal choice for all types of road riding whether that be club rides, racing or long distance epics.

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