What is the F/Gravel?

The F/Gravel is the bike we created to handle the most rugged and unforgiving terrain of our native Norway. An almost unending network of rocky trails and wilderness is only passable by the most capable of bikes.
Designed to tackle gnarly trails and backcountry adventures its geometry leans more towards the ‘fun’ side of gravel with a shorter wheelbase and sporty handling. This is a bike that is responsive and durable enough to follow your friends down that fun looking singletrack trail, but also refined enough for a multi-day off-grid adventure.

Like all of our bikes it features a lightweight carbon frame but with extra specific carbon lay-ups in key areas to increase its strength and durability for really rough terrain. It also features a full range of mounts and an integrated stash hatch for ultimate carrying capability.


What should the F/Gravel be used for?

The F/Gravel is our go anywhere, ride anything, adventure bike. Ultimately it can handle nearly all off-road riding you feel comfortable throwing at it. It’s got nimble handling and 50mm tyre clearance, meaning you can tackle tight technical trails, fast and cover really rough terrain in relative comfort.

It’s certainly not a bike for the road and while it's perfectly capable of eating up miles of smoother, hard packed gravel trails, if you rarely ride technical terrain then our F/All-Road bike would probably be a more suitable option as it's designed for exactly those conditions.

With its integrated bag system, stash hatch and full set of mounts the F/Gravel is perfect for bikepacking. How far it takes you is down to you, with the bike having been proven at several multi-day events and races including Badlands and Italy Divide.


Who should be riding the F/Gravel?

The F/Gravel is for off-road addicts and adventurers. It’s a dedicated gravel bike for riders that want to go fast or far over rough terrain.

It’s the right option for you if you’re not interested in riding on the road (or have another dedicated bike for that) and want a versatile gravel bike that will let you enjoy off-road bikepacking, gravel racing or just want to have fun on the trails.

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What do the experts say about the F/Gravel?

We’re always looking to get our bikes in the hands of expert reviewers and the F/Gravel is no different. You can read some of their thoughts below.

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