What is the F/Road?

The F/Road is what we believe to be the perfectly balanced road bike. A cocktail of speed, weight and comfort that is capable across a wide range of road riding.
We wanted to build a bike that could go fast without sacrificing weight in the name of aerodynamics. A racing bike that could battle it out with the fastest without forcing you into an uncomfortable riding position. We think we got the mix just right.

When building the F/Road we designed it to the latest UCI standards using aerodynamically optimised tube shapes from industry leading carbon fibre experts Toray. Expertly distributed to provide incredible responsiveness and compliance while not compromising on weight.


What should the F/Road be used for?

Riding fast, far, or anything in between, as long as it's on tarmac. The F/Road has been proven in professional criterium and road races by some of Norway’s finest riders and ridden on countless long distance rides and ultracycling events by Fara customers and our founder Jeff Webb. We’ve seen the F/Road do it all.

This isn’t the bike for you if you want to ride off road, the 32mm tyre clearance can help deal with bad road surfaces but if you want to start taking the rides off the tarmac and onto the trails then the F/All-Road, our bike designed for mixed surface is the choice for you.

The F/Road is able to handle different types of road riding through its balanced geometry and simple yet effective features like its reversible aero seatpost that help you modify in your fit with ease and the magnetic Aero box that adds extra storage without sacrificing aero gains or aesthetics. Both of which exemplify our Scandinavian approach to design, no gimmicks, just sensible well thought out additions that improve your riding experience.

Who should be riding the F/Road?

The F/Road is for the tarmac mile munchers, racers and those that don’t need a bike that can tackle mixed surfaces.

It’s the right option for you if you’re not interested in riding off-road (or have another dedicated bike for that) and want a versatile road bike for racing, club rides or just exploring your local lanes and beyond.

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What do the experts say about the F/Road?

Feedback is important to the development of our bikes which is why we always seek out expert reviews. You can read some of their thoughts below.

Loved by the critics

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