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The F/Gravel is our ultimate gravel bike and we have designed it specifically to take you to the most amazing places. It is extremely capable and always adventure-ready thanks to its wide tire clearance, low standover height and Fara Cycling’s own Integrated Bikepacking System. It is built of robust carbon materials making it ready to tackle anything nature can throw at it, plus the F/Gravel is compatible with both 700c and 650b formats.

We know that adventure means different things for different people. And as such, we understand how important it is to be able to tailor your dream bike to match your intentions. That’s why when you order an F/Gravel, you can either buy one of our Ride Ready models configure your own through our bespoke bike builder. So, with this in mind, allow us to give you a rundown on how you can curate your gravel experience and design the perfect bike for the adventures you’ve been dreaming about.

The invention of frame-mounted bikepacking bags has truly changed my outlook on cycling. Suddenly, with minimal planning and preparation and without needing a completely different bike set-up, I can take off for a weekend or several weeks easily and comfortably packing everything I would need along the way.

These bikepacking trips have given rise to an interest in ultra distance racing. I can’t say I started the year with a determined objective to immerse myself in the discipline, it sort of just happened that way. The opportunity to race on 3 separate continents that I would not normally explore resulted in me doing three 1000+ km events in 2019. It started in Oman in February as a part of the BikingMan series. Definitely not the best time of year for someone living in Northern Europe to do a long-distance event but I really wanted to experience this country, which I would certainly otherwise not travel to. Secondly, Paris-Brest-Paris: the flagship Brevet that gathers 7000 enthusiasts from around the globe only happens once every 4 years was an opportunity not to be passed on. Lastly, the 1150km BikingMan Taiwan Ultra race.

First, let’s talk about color. It might seem like a trivial decision, but aesthetics matter. After all, when you’re not riding it, your F/Gravel will be sitting proudly in your home or hanging on your wall for you and your visitors to admire. Many, many hours have gone into designing the frame and if we do say so ourselves, it is a thing of beauty. But we want you to be able to give it your own personal touch by selecting from our range of colors inspired by our local Norwegian landscape.

Now, wheelsets. The F/Gravel can be configured with either 700c or 650b wheels, depending on your needs. 700c wheels roll faster, but 650b offer more stability and grip. If you want the best, only carbon wheels will do. both Fulcrum RapidRed Carbon or Campagnolo Levante wheels are made from a lightweight, yet durable carbon fibers, which provides a unique combination of responsiveness, versatility and ruggedness.

In terms of groupsets, we can build your F/Gravel with Sram, Campagnolo or GRX drivetrains. The Sram groupsets keep things simple with wireless shifting for a clean, secure and reliable riding experience, leaving you free to keep your eyes on the views and feet in the pedals. The wide range of shifts (12-speed) gives you efficient jumps so you're always in the right gear, whether scaling a dirt trail or racing along the flats. The Rival and Force groupsets (among two options we offer) can both be configured ‘online’ using the AXS app to select enhanced shift modes, reassign shift button functions and control the AXS multishift function.

Next, Campagnolo’s innovative new mechanical gravel-focused Ekar groupset is the lightest gravel groupset in the world. It offers you small jumps in cadence progression and the ideal range of gears to suit every gravel level and discipline.

Finally, the GRX 815 Di2 groupset is the result of ground up innovation and research into how cyclists explore the wildest parts of the world. It features gravel-specific ergonomics, optimized gearing options, rugged reliability and a quiet and stable drivetrain thanks to the clutch mechanism in the rear derailleur. What’s more, the Di2 system offers convenient and reliable shifting at the touch of a button.

So there you have it. Our goal is for you to get the most out of your F/Gravel, which is why we want you to tell us how to build it. We don’t want to overload you with options, but this is a bike that will be with you for years to come, so we want to get it right.

If in doubt, please email us as or drop us a line. Or, if you’re in Oslo, visit our Experiece Centre at Hoffsveien 10A, 0275 Oslo, Norway.

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