How to assemble your Fara

Congratulations on your new bike from Fara Cycling! Our expert mechanics have assembled and tuned your bike for you already. You do not need to be an experienced mechanic to finish it! With a few simple steps you will be ready to ride!

Your bike is supplied with everything you will need to complete the assembly and by following these steps carefully you will be able to ride safely.

Start with the supplied assembly box.

Inside here you will find:

• Fara Cycling torque assembly tool with bit
• Fara Cycling Tool Roll
• 1x Front Derailleur Hanger Cover (F/All-Road and F/Gravel Only
• SRAM Etap Batteries and charger (SRAM Builds only)
• Seat Post Collar (F/All-Road and F/Gravel Only)
• Extra hardware

Step 1)

Remove top cap using a 6mm allen key, leaving the threaded expansion plug inserted into the steerer tube.

Step 2)

Apply the desired number of spacers below the stem, suggested amount is 2x10mm or 20mm of stack.

Step 3)

Leaving one 5mm spacer above the stem, re-apply the headset top cap using a 6mm allen key, tighten to 3nm (aka "finger tight"). note: should your desired stack lead to stack of less than 10mm of spacers below the stem, please consult with your LBS to shorten your steerer tube. Stacking multiple spacers above the stem may result in stress point on the steerer tube.

Step 4)

Remove the front axle from the fork using a 6mm allen key.

Step 5)

Remove the red brake travel spacer and insert the front wheel.

Step 6)

Insert front axle and tighten to 6-8nm.

Step 7)

We recommend to apply Carbon Assembly Paste to the seat post and insert it into the seat tube. (*not included in the package).

Step 8)

Adjust to the desired height and tighten Seat Post Collar to 5-6nm. PRO TIP: having the collar facing forward will avoid mud and dirt from contaminating the thread

Step 9)

For SRAM AXS equipped bicycles only: Your batteries should arrive pre-charged, but we recommend charging your batteries before the first installation and ride to ensure optimal performance.
SRAM eTap (incl. AXS) - installation and charging

NOTE: For Shimano Di2 equipped bicycles only - the battery is located inside the seatpost. In case your seatpost has arrived disconneced from the bicycle, you may need to reconnect the Di2 electronic cables before installing your seatpost.
Shimano Di2 (12s) - installation and charging
Shimano Di2 (11s) - battery installation and charging

Step 10)

Lastly, (and most importantly!) tighten the two stem bolts to 4nm using a 4mm allen key. IMPORTANT: Tighten each bolt a little at a time until both are snug at 4nm.

You are Ready to Ride!

Take the bike for a short spin at low speeds to check everything is working correctly, before heading out onto the open roads. Should you need any assistance or have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our customer experience team!

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