The Oslo project

The city of Oslo is Fara Cycling's home and is known for its thousands of square kilometres of pristine forests, called “Marka”, that surround the city.

Literally within minutes from the downtown core you can leave the city behind and enjoy both quiet country tarmac and remote wilderness gravel roads. This cycling ecosystem has inspired a new style of riding where normal daily rides combine both asphalt and gravel, be it 70/30 one day and 30/70 the next.

Recently we’ve grown fond of long-distance adventuring on two wheels, roaming Norway’s awesome landscapes near and far. Oslo has a growing commuter movement too, yet Osloites turn to a faster, more capable bike as opposed to a traditional commuter due to longer commutes and challenging weather conditions year round. As it turns out, the ideal bike for all of this is strikingly similar.

"The city of Oslo is Fara Cycling's home and one of its defining features has to be the thousands of square kilometres of pristine forests, called “Marka”, that surround it. Literally within minutes from the downtown core you can leave the city behind..."

We were left wanting a bike that was quick and responsive on the tarmac to make the Sunday morning group-rides with our friends as fun as ever, yet still able to tackle gravel roads when called upon. Even when packing a lightweight overnight set-up or full camping gear, the bike had to perform well and inspire on all surfaces and in all conditions. We dreamed of a bike that would allow us to access remote areas with a solid construction and stable geometry but still travel fast, covering long distances with ease. It needed to offer plenty of comfort and be practical with multiple attachments for dedicated accessories that we knew worked perfectly.

In 2019, we started The Oslo Project to build the ultimate adventure weapon for mixed-surface adventures. After 18 months of product development, testing and refining, a complete ground-up rebuild of the F/All Road is the result. It combines our extensive knowledge and experience in the field with the expertise from some of the industry’s leading product developers. The Gen-2 frame design boasts multiple unique features that will make it one the most exciting bikepacking / fast touring bikes on the market in 2021.

We realized that by starting from scratch we had a golden opportunity to take integration to a whole new level by being the first bike company to develop both the frame and bag designs simultaneously. Drawing on our vast experience, every function on our criteria list was carefully considered, evaluated, then integrated into the design. Existing baggage systems we’ve tested and reviewed all seemed like “afterthoughts”: One company making bikes, the other making generic bags to fit all bikes.

Partnering with industry-leading bag makers Roswheel gave us access to some innovative technology and features. To this we applied our own modifications and integrated an attachment system in collaboration with Fidlock, resulting in a bag system that is easy to use, high-performance and incorporates all of the features we felt were missing on the market today.

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The F/All-Road frame is purpose-built but with a subtle elegance that will inspire a desire to own it and ride it.
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