Brand story

In Old Norse, "At Fara" means to journey or to venture. At Fara Cycling we are as passionate about building bikes as we are about riding them. And we’ve dedicated countless hours to both.

Born from the principles of Nordic minimalist design, our bikes are built to the most rigorous standards from the world’s finest components. Our collection of performance bicycles is ready to be ridden by the most passionate and dedicated cyclists.


Fara Cycling was born in Stjørdal, Norway in 2016. As a former professional cyclist, founder Jeff Webb looked to rediscover his passion for cycling outside of the competitive circus. 


He found it in the freedom and mindfulness of roaming freely on two wheels. He found it in the fascination of discovery and adventure, amplified by the sophisticated simplicity that is the act of cycling.


He wanted to build a bicycle that reflects this philosophy, and he wanted to share the experience with as many people as possible. So he found a way to make premium quality bikes, usually reserved for pros and the well-off, more available to normal people.


By stripping down the supply chain and selling online, Fara was able to provide more people the freedom to build the bike of their dreams.


Fara bicycles are inspired by Nordic design principles, and assembled with passion in Norway using the best components available.


Giving you the freedom to roam, discover and venture!