The F/Road

Road race performance designed to go the distance.
The F/Road is an all-round race bike with aero-optimised tube shapes, precise handling and is extremely light weight. Increased vertical compliance allows this race performance design to go the distance. The frame design is a result of in-house product development in collaboration with industry-leading frame designers.
Estimated weight
8.38 kg
Starting from
5 038,-

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Working in close collaboration with our R&D team, we have fostered a strong relationship with industry leading cycling designers. Our products need to be purposeful, functional, understated and subtly elegant. To combine this with performance is a challenge, but we feel we have succeeded to a high degree on the F/Road.


The F/Road road bike started as a dream, an idea and a concept. Fara Cycling founder Jeff Webb and the R&D team discussed the optimal features of a next-generation road bike during many, many long endurance rides. It was clear from the beginning that the combination of low weight, agile handling, aero-features, comfort and ease-of-use was the recipe for a race-bike that would fit the Fara Cycling ethos.

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Assembled by experts

Every bike from Fara is assembled by our expert staff to exact standards.

Long lasting warranty

All frames from Fara Cycling come with a 5-year warranty for your piece of mind.

Smart aero

We set out to design the ultimate, do-it-all versatile race bike with light weight, advanced aerodynamics and agile handling, but without any of the bulk of the previous generation of aero road bikes. To achieve this, the frame’s head-tube, down-tube, seat-tube and seat-stays utilise NACA Airfoil tube shapes with truncated tails for optimal weight/aero balance and increased torsional stiffness.


Up front, the wide-stance aero optimised fork legs decrease airflow pressure around the wheel for drag-reduction. This advanced airfoil profile takes advantage of new UCI rules for maximum aerodynamic efficiency and minimum weight.

Integrated bag system

We’ve further developed our own Integrated Bag System from the F/All-Road, into a small, practical, lightweight version, we call the Aero Box. With enough space for a rain jacket, snacks, spares, tools or a smart phone. Our Integrated Bag System fits perfectly under the top tube of the F/Road, making it an ideal companion for long endurance rides.


The Aero Box is attached via Fidlock mounts, which can be easily removed from the frame itself. 

Intelligent integration

Marginal gains are great if you are a pro tour rider, we get it. We also know that not every rider has a team of professional mechanics and a team bus supporting them, so we incorporated the Token A-Box system for integrated cable routing.


The A-Box system allows the cables to run outside of the bar and stem and enter the frame through the headset. You get all of the advantages of fully internal cable routing without the hassles of complicated designs and proprietary parts. Any standard bar and stem combination can be used, making set-up, service and travel easy for the rider. To achieve a fully integrated system, we utilise a bar/stem combination and aerodynamic spacers which hide the cables completely from the wind before they enter the frame.


No more ugly, impractical external cables.

All-round capabilities

Rough roads? Dirt Roads? No sweat! We increased tire clearance to a whopping 32mm giving space for ever-increasing modern rim and tire shapes for riding on more types of surfaces.


Borrowing from its older sibling, the F/All-Road, the F/Road also gets a toned- down version of the Curved Seat-Stays proven so effective for increasing vertical compliance. More comfort means less fatigue, allowing you to ride stronger, over longer distances.

Reversible aero seatpost (Smart-Fit)

As our understanding of bio-dynamics advances, rider positioning is also improving and challenging old-school thinking on bike-fitting. On the F/Road, you no longer need to choose between 0 and 25mm setback seatposts thanks to a unique, reversible design allowing a plethora of positions in one single seatpost.

Developed with Thor Hushovd

With a closet full of Tour de France Green and Yellow jerseys and even the coveted Rainbow Jersey, Thor hushovd is a man who needs little introduction. Winning the UCI World Cycling Men’s Professional Championships in 2010 gave him the honour of wearing the Rainbow stripes for the rest of his career. His impact on the sport is undeniable. He is a statesman, a champion and a true icon of our sport.


Since his retirement, Thor has shifted his focus to entrepreneurship and has been a key figure in Fara Cycling's development since its early days. His leadership and achievements are an inspiration for all of us. Building a bike for a World Champion is not something we take lightly.

Future-proof design

We’ve incorporated all the latest bells and whistles into the F/Road, to make sure your bike will be modern for many years to come!


The T47 threaded Bottom Bracket eliminates irritating creaking noises while still allowing the stiffness and efficiency of the 30mm crank spindle. Flat-Mount disc brakes are the new standard, offering compact design which can be tucked away neatly in the frame’s design.


Hyperlight 12mm through-axles offer incredible stiffness at a mere 53g of weight. Adding the through-axle to the design dramatically increases front and rear end rigidity, making the bike more responsive to the rider’s input, more precise and more predictable. You will be carving lines on harrowing descents and beak-neck crit races alike.

Features and design highlights

  • • NACA Airfoil tube.
  • • Light weight - Series 1 is 7.2kg!.
  • • Truncated tails for optimal weight.
  • • Increased torsional stiffness.
  • • Aero-optimised fork legs.
  • • Full internal cable routing (Token A-Box).
  • • Integrated bag system.
  • • All-round capabilities with 32mm tire clearance.
  • • Hidden aero seat-post wedge.
  • • Reversible aero seat post.
  • • Intuitive fit road geometry.
  • • T47 bottom bracket.
  • • Curved seat-stays for increased comfort.
  • • Cable routing for mechanical and electronic shifting.
  • • UCI approved.

Base pricing

The F/Road comes in 3 different Ride Ready configurations and a Custom Build option

F/Road Series 1
Featuring Shimano Dura-Ace groupset and a Black Inc Carbon wheelset. This configuration weighs in at 7.5kg and all F/Road Series are UCI approved.
F/Road Series 1


F/Road Series 2
The Series 2 is a solid performing road bike for racing at any level with Ultegra 12 Speed Di2 Groupset and Fulcrum Carbon Wheels.
F/Road Series 2


F/Road Series 3
The Series 3 is our best value configuration with Ultegra 11Speed Groupset and a Fulcrum Racing wheelset.
F/Road Series 3


Or you can build and specify a bike that is just right for you: BIKE BUILDER

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