Fara Cycling Experience Center

Visit our Fara Cycling Experience Center in Skøyen, Oslo for all things Fara related:

Opening hours

10:00 — 15:00
Monday — Friday
10:00 — 18:00

You will find a complete selection of our models and components on display as well as friendly, competent staff who can help you with any questions you may have during the purchasing process of your new bike. Come in for a coffee and browse our selection. 


To compliment our bicycle range, we have also introduced a full range of Cycling Apparel from Fara and 7MESH, Helmets Sweet Protection, Footwear from Quoc, Bikepacking Bags from Roswheel and all the accessories you might need on your next cycling adventure!

Fara Bicycle purchase consultation

If you are considering purchasing your new Fara bicycle and would like to make sure you will get the bike most suitable for your needs, please book a consultation appointment either via Zoom video conference or by a personal visit to our Fara Cycling Experience Center in Oslo 



Fara Bicycle Service

Inspect - One of our service technicians will put your bike in the stand and run it through our professional inspection process. We will describe what we are noticing, and address all of your concerns.


Recommend - From there, we’ll discuss what we can do to get your bike back up to speed, like making on-the-spot adjustments, ordering replacement parts. We’ll also create an itemized receipt to make sure you’re comfortable with repair costs before we get to work.


Get to fix - Leave your bike with us and we’ll do the rest! You’ll receive an email and/or text message when your repairs have been completed, and we’ll be sure to contact you if anything pops up along the way.


NOTE: The assessment may identify additional repair work needed. Our  mechanics will give you a no obligation estimate to complete additional repairs.



Contact the shop by telephone at +47 406 02 179 or by
using this form CLICK HERE


 Our address is Hoffsveien 10A, Skøyen, 0275 Oslo.

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