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At Fara Cycling, our small size allows us to act quickly. If you encounter any issues, just contact us at fara@faracycling.com, and we'll work to resolve it fast. Our warranty policy is detailed below, but our main goal is to get you back riding happily.

I. Our Warranty in Short

• Standard Warranty: Your Fara Cycling frame and branded components are covered for 5 years from the date of purchase.

• Crash Replacement Policy: 40% discount on replacement frames within 5 years from the date of purchase. Excludes policy abuse as determined by Fara Cycling.

II. Manufacturer Warranty

This warranty applies only to bicycles/frames purchased from an authorised Fara Cycling Premium Partner or directly from Fara Cycling.

III. Products Covered by the Warranty

Covers new Fara Cycling frames and branded components. Excludes non-Fara Cycling branded parts, which should be addressed directly with their manufacturers.

IV. Warranty Periods for Material Defects and Design Faults

• Frames: 5 years

• Fara Cycling Branded Parts: 5 years

V. Warranty Exclusion

Warranty does not cover:

• Improper use or transport

• Crash consequences (covered under crash replacement policy)

• Unauthorised technical modifications

• Wear parts (e.g., bearings)

• Damage from faulty components not covered by this warranty

• Cosmeting and paint wear and tear

• Subsequent conversions/installations of incompatible or non-original parts

• Damage due to improper maintenance (e.g., high-pressure cleaners)

VI. Our Warranty Service

We will repair or replace eligible products within the warranty period. Rebuilding, shipping, and customs/taxes are the owner's responsibility. Non-warranty services are charged at an hourly rate.

VII. Assertion and Procedure of Warranty Claims

Report claims directly to our customer service email address, fara@faracycling.com. Fara will guide you on to the next steps.

VIII. Crash Replacement

In case of an accident, you can replace your damaged frame at a 40% discount within 5 years from the date of purchase. To use this service, explain the damage directly to our customer service email address, fara@faracycling.com. This service is limited to the original owner and excludes purposeful or cosmetic damage. You can only use it once within the coverage period. Damaged items become our property, and model changes are not allowed. For further details or to file a claim, please visit our website.

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