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Jeff Webb, Founder.

Jeff Webb, Founder.

Fara Cycling was created in Norway in 2015. We wanted to make the perfect bike to satisfy the adventurous spirit embodied by both our Founder and Norway in general. Originally located in Stjørdal, a village just north of Trondheim in “mid-north” Norway, we moved to Oslo in 2018, a city which has shaped the brand ever since.

The Fara Cycling House is today centrally located in what we call “the Gravel Cycling Capital of Scandinavia”. Just a short ride from the house, you’ll find a vast forest, laced with gravel roads and quiet country lanes. Since the beginning we have worked to create a range of bikes that are perfectly suited to the riding on offer from our front door.

Three models of adventure bikes

Our range is focused around just three models - F/Road, F/All-Road and F/Gravel. The Norwegian influence of simplicity, honesty and quality sits at the heart of each bike’s design. Each has been created to serve a specific purpose while being beautiful, practical and efficient objects of desire.

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A new Fara product is launched only when we are sure that advancements in design and functionality will result in a real improvement in rider experience. We create products that we want to use ourselves and we don´t believe in launching products for the sake of it. The result is a more sustainable approach to bike production as our bikes are designed to be timeless and durable.

Control from A to Å

Having established our range of bikes, we realised that to achieve our dream of building and selling amazing bikes at competitive prices, we needed complete control of the manufacturing of our bikes. To do this, we opened our own office in Taiwan, the heart of global bicycle manufacturing.

We took control of each bike’s design, construction and finish. Once frames are delivered from the factory, all paint, finish and hardware are produced and applied locally under our strict control. Any complete bike build is done in-house by our own team of mechanics.

Bikes are personal

As a direct-to-consumer brand we work hard to maintain affordability alongside a premium build and ride feel. With no middle margin and a firm focus on working directly with our customers, we pride ourselves in the personal connections we have with each Fara owner. We know that each bike we make is packed with value and will be a fantastic partner for adventures for years to come.

International team with adventurous spirit

Our team has grown to 15 dedicated and passionate cycling enthusiasts working with the singular purpose and drive that helped us to evolve in our early years. Passion is infectious and it’s something we share with wider cycling communities too, both locally and globally

Putting our products to the ultimate test

We help adventure riders around the world achieve their goals and dreams in some of the most revered and testing events you can tackle on a bike. You will find a host of Fara athletes, including Jeff, our Fara Cycling’s founder, Jeff Webb on the start line of events like TransContinental Race, Italy Divide and Badlands, testing our latest equipment

Explore the F/All-Road

The F/All-Road frame is purpose-built but with a subtle elegance that will inspire a desire to own it and ride it.
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