Taiwan Experience

Taiwan experience with Fara Cycling and Horizons Cycling
Fara Cycling and Horizons Cycling offer an incredible co-curated cycling adventure in Taiwan this winter. Join us for an exclusive 7-day adventure through this often overlooked gem of cycling and culture, departing January 11th, 2024 from Taipei.
Taiwan is a breathtaking country highlighted by a mix of modern cities, towering mountainous terrain and of course, some of the best roads for riding in Asia. Thanks to its captivating cultural and culinary scenes, fascinating history, and wealth of amenities it’s clear why the island is fast gaining popularity as a cycling destination.

The Route

Our route goes straight into the high mountains of the central island, reaching 2600m before descending to the east coast and crossing to the southernmost point. Along the way we’ll enjoy some of the finest accommodations Taiwan has to offer and impeccable service thanks to our expert local knowledge. This trip combines a true point-to-point exploration with a variety of cultural and gastronomic “only local” experiences that will ensure you dive deep and go away with memories for a lifetime.

The Hosts

The trip will be hosted by Fara Cycling founder, Jeff Webb who considers the island as his second home, and Sherry Cardona, the YouTuber, ultra cycling champion and Fara ambassador from Colombia.

For more information, please contact us at fara@faracycling.com or info@horizonscycling.com