October 6th 2022

The Arctic Post Road

The land above the Arctic circle is not the most well-known bikepacking destination, not even for Finns or Norwegians. Henna Palosaari from the Shimano Gravel Alliance was no exception, despite the fact that she’s snowboarded on these mountains outside Ylläs for years. When she heard about the 400 km Arctic Post Road route from Ylläs, Finland to Alta, Norway, she knew she had to see what was under the snow.
October 5th 2022

How to assemble your Fara

Congratulations on your new bike from Fara Cycling! Our expert mechanics have assembled and tuned your bike for you already. You do not need to be an experienced mechanic to finish it! With a few simple steps you will be ready to ride!
May 12th 2022

The ultimate test ride across Italy Divide

Tyre pressures checked and a couple of ride snacks stored in your jersey pocket, you place a full bidon in its cage. With the first tensioning of muscles timed to the starting beep of your GPS headset, the blur of the road passing under your front wheel confirms a sense of forward motion as you escape the constraints of a busy life for an hour or two.